Multiuse Savings Coupon for NASONEX® (mometasone furoate monohydrate) for eligible patients

Nasonex Welcome

Welcome to the Multiuse Savings Coupon Program

Eligible patients may save up to $20 off on each of up to 12 qualifying prescriptions for NASONEX®.

The coupon is valid for patients with private insurance or cash-paying patients. The coupon is not valid for patients covered under Medicaid, Medicare, a Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan (regardless of whether a specific prescription is covered), TRICARE, CHAMPUS, Puerto Rico Government Health Insurance Plan ("Healthcare Reform"), any qualified health plan purchased through a health insurance exchange established by a state government or the federal government, or any other state or federal medical or pharmaceutical benefit program or pharmaceutical assistance program (collectively, "Government Programs"). You must be 18 years of age or older to redeem the coupon for yourself or minor (other age restrictions may apply). Residents of California may only register for this program, using this Web site.
Please Note: The same coupon offer is available in different forms. For example, you may receive the coupon in card form from your doctor, or you may print the coupon yourself from the product Web site. Regardless of how many coupons you receive or print, you may only use the coupon and receive up to $20 off an eligible prescription, up to 12 times before the expiration date printed on the coupon.
The Multiuse Savings Coupon is subject to Terms and Conditions. Please read the Terms and Conditions before printing or activating a coupon.
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